Service life of stamping die spring


In the actual life work, our mold shop requires the imp […]

In the actual life work, our mold shop requires the improvement of the design and production of various molds, and the specific operation will have problems. Let us discuss and exchange the problems in the use of stamping molds.
The service life of the stamping die spring has a great relationship with the load point selected by the spring, that is, the amount of compression. The greater the deformation of the spring during operation, the lower the life. In practice, due to the limitation of the size of the mold structure, the spring cannot The optimal number and position of the installation, the work load point is selected near the limit of the spring, the stiffness of the spring increases instantaneously, causing the early failure of the spring, the service life of the spring is significantly reduced, and it is better to not reach the standard value of the spring.
The use of the super-compression of the spring will cause the spring to fail early. For example, in the field test mode, the spring of the same size and different specifications is temporarily replaced due to insufficient force such as unloading and pressing, without considering the allowable of the replaced spring. The amount of compression causes hidden dangers for the normal use of the spring