Where are plastic molds used in the automotive field


The use of plastic molds in the field of passenger cars […]

The use of plastic molds in the field of passenger cars is inseparable from the development of the car profession. In recent years, the demand for car professions has been steadily progressing, so it has also promoted the rapid development of injection molding plants. In recent years, with the widespread use of cars in family life, the production speed and quality of traditional car plastic casings are no longer satisfactory. Now the car profession requires plastic molds.

Plastic molds are classified as consumables, and the general usage ratio is increased, which is more obvious in the parts often used in cars. More than 90% of the car parts are injection-molded with plastic molds. At the same time, cold and hot work and plastic shell molds are used. Generally speaking, every 10,000 cars produced by an injection molding plant will consume 0.12 tons of molds. Generally, no less than 1500 molds are needed for making cars, including nearly 1,000 stamping molds and nearly 500 interior molds.

Some professional organizations have analyzed that the production demand for passenger car plastic molds accounts for nearly 30% of the annual output of injection molding factories. More relevant statistics show that in 2017, the sales of passenger car plastic shells in China alone reached 66.3 billion yuan, and it has been calculated to 2023. In China, the annual output of cars in China will be as high as 40 million. By then, the annual demand for plastic molds for cars in China will reach about 500 tons.