It is imperative for traditional mold enterprises to enter e-commerce


For small mold parts companies, first open their own sa […]

For small mold parts companies, first open their own sales-oriented stores from Tmall, Jingdong and other platforms, with less investment and quick results, and quickly cultivate their own e-commerce concepts and talent reserves; for medium-sized mold steel enterprises, the current mainstream B2C settles Shop-in-shop and sales distribution, establish their own official website or e-commerce platform, comprehensively consider the brand's Internet communication and brand influence; for large-scale comprehensive mold city property management companies, consider forming their own electronic goods industry Chain, from the brand communication, enterprise architecture, product structure planning, logistics and warehousing cluster formation and other aspects of the future of e-commerce.
In addition, traditional mold companies must also consider the characteristics of brand communication in the Internet, and consider the impact of online sales on offline sales, product portfolio design and price setting.

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