Design of thread molds in plastic mold factory


The thread of the injection molded part is divided into […]

The thread of the injection molded part is divided into two types: internal thread and external thread. The thread shape of the threaded product is generally divided into standard thread, rectangular thread, trapezoidal thread, zigzag thread, arc.
Thread and V-thread. exhibition. You can choose different shapes for different purposes and you can choose zigzag threads to meet your strength requirements. About today's commonly used
For bottles and cap screws, the caps are often tightened 1-2 times using bow screws in multiple directions.
Compared to metals, the strength of plastics is not high, plastics are generally softer, and the threads of plastic parts should be larger. If the diameter of the screw is small, it is best not to use a thin snail.
Rod, otherwise the shortening of the plastic screw will be difficult to achieve the required strength. You can generally choose from the table below.
There are several ways to thread injection molding products.
1. Direct molding during molding.
2. Use processing methods after processing.
3. Using metal thread inserts, this method is often used where repeated assembly and disassembly and greater mechanical strength are required.