How to use the surrounding tree mold


The surrounding tree mold, also known as the prefabrica […]

The surrounding tree mold, also known as the prefabricated concrete tree pool cover mould, is also inconsistent in the use of different local names. The statistics of Xiaobian are counted here. There are called Shuweizi Mould, Tree Box Mould Box, Tree Pool Hazelnut Mould, etc. Etc., after the casting, it is mainly composed of four pieces of tree cover.
The local use of the park is mainly in the parks, landscaping belts and landscaping trees of various venues. There are planned rainwater leakage holes on the surface of the cover mould, so that the tree cover after pouring and pouring can keep the roots of the trees loose and absorb nutrients such as moisture, and maintain the soil and water loss of the trees. The process is also extremely convenient, just prepare the release agent, concrete, shaker, etc. The following is a small series to explain in detail the demolding process of the surrounding tree mold.
 1. After purchasing the surrounding tree plastic mold that needs to be used, the first requirement is to apply a layer of release agent to the interior of the mold before the plastic mould is poured. The common mold release effect is good. The affordable price is to use waste diesel oil to carry out the tree. The demolding of the mold can also be carried out by using a commercially available release agent. The release agent is attributed to the chemical substance to be placed in a cool place after the end of the application, and the container containing the release agent is sealed after the application is completed.

2. In the surrounding tree mold which has been coated with the release agent, the concrete which has been successfully made of cement and sand is poured into the oscillating table, and the air in the concrete of the surrounding tree mold is discharged by means of oscillation to make the casting. The air content in the concrete tree cover is reduced.
3. Place the oscillating tree mold in a cool place. Now that the daily temperature is high in the summer, you don't have to carry out the steaming process on the tree mold to avoid the excessive use of steaming. Finally, the shingling tree cover that has been poured out is placed on the oscillating table for oscillation and demoulding. After the demoulding is successfully placed, it is placed next to it. If a single tree cover with the same color is used on the road, it will be short. Vivid, so after the production is completed, the surface of the cover mold can be painted with colorful paint, which looks more beautiful and vivid in appearance.