Why is it difficult to control the cost of plastic mold


Plastic mold factories often have many uncontrollable f […]

Plastic mold factories often have many uncontrollable factors in the production and processing, such as the delivery time of the mold, the quality of the mold, and the cost of the mold are difficult to control.

1. Lack of cost awareness and cost control system during mold design. Many mold companies do not have plans to review drawings. Even if there is a very simple process-based drawing, there is no specific review process.

2. The process and process of the processing process are lost. Low resource utilization and high machine cost.

3. Out-of-process processing out of control leads to out-of-control costs. Unnecessary outbound processing and outbound processing prices.

4. Out-of-control quality leads to out-of-control costs. Mould materials and parts are scrapped; the mould is reworked many times and tried several times.

5 The cost of trial mode is out of control. The cost of trial molding materials is high, and the cost of the selected machine is high.

6. Out of control of the material purchase process. The purchase of materials did not seek suitable suppliers, resulting in excessive purchase costs.

7. Material preservation, use the out-of-control existing in the distribution process.

8. Lack of quantitative analysis and comparison of material cost

9. Lack of effective control of sluggish materials