What are the steps of automotive mold processing?


In terms of automotive mold design and manufacturing, I […]

In terms of automotive mold design and manufacturing, I believe everyone hopes that they can get better quality injection molding automotive mold products. Then we must pay attention to every detail and pay special attention to fine processing in every production link. , In order to ensure that errors are reduced as much as possible in the production process, and the appearance rate of bad products is reduced to ensure their own production quality and production schedule.

1. Automotive mold design

First of all, in the design of automotive molds, we must consider multiple issues. For example, when designing automotive molds, there are many different forms. Some are single automotive molds, and some need to be divided into two halves. At the time of synthesis, these different types of automotive molds will have a huge impact on everyone’s subsequent production. Therefore, in the design of automotive molds, we must first consider carefully and determine which type of automotive Molds are more suitable for the production of corresponding products.

The design of the automotive mold also needs to consider the various details and the corresponding presets on the molding channel, because some large products are relatively large. If multiple molding channels are not involved, it may be affected in terms of production efficiency and production effect. At this time, we should take it into consideration when designing aseptic, so as to make automotive molds more scientific and more usable, and to bring better results when trying out molds.

We should pay attention to these when designing and manufacturing automotive molds, so as to ensure that the designed automotive molds have strong practicability and can bring good results during mold trial. Put it into actual production as soon as possible.

2. Automotive mold manufacturing
After completing the design of automotive molds, the next step is of course to produce and manufacture automotive molds. Of course, there are many things that need attention when manufacturing automotive molds. For example, when designing and manufacturing automotive molds, firstly, the selection of automotive mold materials is very important. The steel market commonly used to build automotive molds is divided into many different types, which can play different roles and effects. They will have obvious differences in strength and tolerance, so choosing a suitable steel can make us achieve the desired effect on the performance of automotive molds.