What are the matters needing attention when choosing casting mold materials


Selection of casting mold materials: 1. Production batc […]

Selection of casting mold materials:
1. Production batch: When the production batch of stamping parts is large, the material of the punch and the concave mold of the working parts of the mold should be high quality and good wear resistance. The parts and materials of other process structure parts and auxiliary structure parts of the mold should be improved accordingly. When the batch is not large, the requirements for material properties should be appropriately relaxed to reduce costs.

2. The performance of the stamped material and the use conditions of the mold parts

When the material to be stamped is hard or has a large deformation resistance, the convex and concave dies of the die should be made of materials with good wear resistance and high strength. When drawing stainless steel, aluminum bronze die can be used because it has better anti-adhesion properties. The guide pin and guide sleeve require wear resistance and better toughness, so low-carbon steel surface carburizing and quenching are often used.


3. Material performance should consider the material's hot and cold processing performance and the existing factory conditions.

4. Use micro-deformed die steel to reduce machining costs.

5. For molds with special requirements, mold steels with special properties should be developed and applied.

6. The selection of mold materials should be determined according to the use conditions of the mold parts, so that low-cost materials should be selected under the premise of meeting the main conditions to reduce costs.