Talking about the Present Situation and Development Prospect of Household Appliance Plastic Mould


China's home appliance plastic molds market is in a per […]

China's home appliance plastic molds market is in a period of rapid growth, and home appliance plastic mold manufacturing has ushered in new challenges. The 12th Five-Year Plan period is a crucial period for China's household electrical appliance industry to move from a major home appliance manufacturing country to a strong home appliance industry. To establish a higher-level strategic goal of relying on technological innovation, the home appliance industry must have advanced manufacturing technology.
People's living standards have gradually improved, and the requirements for living materials have become higher and higher. Various household appliances have gradually spread to various households, and the annual production of household appliances can be said to be countless, while processing home appliances. When it comes to plastic molds, then the sales of home appliances are so hot today, what is the development of the home appliance plastic mold industry?
In the increasingly fierce market competition, the home appliance processing and manufacturing industry has entered the era of low profit. The gradual regulation of the consumer market, the growing maturity of consumer awareness, the shortage of energy and raw material supply or the continuous price increase, etc., have made the home appliance companies worse. In order to survive and develop, home appliance companies are paying more and more attention to the "intrinsic quality" of products, constantly proposing higher pursuit goals, and constantly looking for newer competitive hotspots. Environmental protection and rust prevention of metal materials for home appliances have caused one of the concerns of many companies. With the upgrading of home appliances, new plastics are constantly appearing. The home appliance industry is gradually moving towards a new era of plastics.
  From the industry layout of China's home appliance molds, home appliance plastic mold manufacturing is concentrated in Guangdong, Zhejiang, Shandong, home appliance foam molds are concentrated in the Yinzhou area of ​​Anhui, home appliance stamping molds are concentrated in Jiangsu. Around the various types of mold enterprise clusters served by the large household appliance group, the supply system of home appliance enterprises is guaranteed. At present, domestic appliance manufacturing molds account for more than 80% of the market share, and are fully self-sufficient, and domestic mold manufacturing companies are fully capable of producing molds with high molding requirements such as large LCD TV plastic molds and back sheet stamping dies. This shows that the development of China's home appliance mold industry has achieved certain results.