How to control the speed of plastic mold processing


Why the process goal of processing speed is very import […]

Why the process goal of processing speed is very important in injection molding, because it is not only related to the processing cycle of the part, but also determines the economic cost of processing. The EDM processing speed we often say refers to the certain mass and volume of the workpiece being eroded away in the same unit time under certain pulse parameters, which can be expressed by volume processing speed or mass processing speed, respectively

Plastic mold mirror polishing

On the mold steel with the same surface roughness, the maximum processing speed of the relative electric pulse when the electrode is worn out is an important goal to measure the electric pulse processing and the technological function of the machine tool. Under normal circumstances, the manufacturer gives the maximum processing current and the highest processing speed that can be reached under the best processing conditions. Therefore, in our practice processing, due to the ever-changing size and shape of the workpiece, the processing conditions and chip removal conditions are different from the ideal conditions, even in the rough processing of the machining center, the processing speed is often much lower than the maximum processing speed target of the machine tool.

Each injection molding process pulse discharge will leave a tiny pit on the surface of the workpiece. The size of the pit and the amount of material removed are approximately proportional to the pulse energy, that is, the greater the pulse energy, the heat transferred to the workpiece The more there will be, the more data will be eroded. Theoretically speaking, the EDM processing speed is proportional to the energy of a single pulse and the discharge frequency. However, in practice, the effect of a single pulse is not reflected alone, but the result of multiple pulses. The pulse power supply is continuous The process of transporting energy to the machining gap in pulse conditions is much more complicated. The machining speed is a multivariate function related to the pulse discharge time, pulse interval, pulse discharge current, pulse waveform, processing target function, electrode data, and chip removal conditions.

Processing speed is very important in mold injection processing. Because this is a prerequisite for sampling plastic products. If customers require better quality and then deliver samples earlier, processing time and speed are the most important.