Design of thread molds in plastic mold factories


The threads of injection molded parts are divided into […]

The threads of injection molded parts are divided into internal and external threads. The thread shape of threaded products is generally divided into standard threads, rectangular threads, trapezoidal threads, zigzag threads, and circular arcs.
Threads and V-shaped threads. exhibition. You can choose different shapes for different purposes, and you can choose zigzag threads to meet your strength requirements. About commonly used today
Bottles and cap screws, often using multiple direction bow screws to tighten the lid 1-2 times.

Compared with metal, the strength of plastic is not high, plastic is generally softer, and the threads of plastic parts should be larger. If the screw diameter is small, it is better not to use a fine screw
Rod, otherwise the shortening of the plastic screw will be difficult to achieve the required strength. You can generally choose from the table below.

There are several methods for threaded injection molded products:
1. Direct molding during molding.
2. Use processing method after processing.
3. Using metal thread inserts, this method is often used in situations where repeated assembly and disassembly and greater mechanical strength are required.