Characteristics of ABS injection mold processing


ABS injection mold is a tool for producing plastic prod […]

ABS injection mold is a tool for producing plastic products. During the processing of injection mold, it is hot-melted from the injection molding machine into the mold cavity, and after cooling and solidification, the molded product is obtained.
So what are the characteristics of injection mold processing?
1. Off-site design and off-site processing. Mold processing is not the ultimate goal, but the final product design is proposed by the user. The mold processing manufacturer designs and processes the mold according to the user's requirements, and in the case of the product, produces the needle.
This has led to product design, mold design and processing, and off-site production.
2. The cavity and the heart surface are three-dimensional surfaces.
The external and internal shapes of the plastic parts are directly formed by the cavity and the core. These complex three-dimensional surface treatments are more difficult. In addition to the general processing of the blind-hole internal molding of the hole type, if the traditional processing style is used, it is not only required. High levels of workers, auxiliary fixtures, more tools, longer processing cycles.
3. long process, tight processing time.
For injection molded parts, many products are complete with the rest of the product, and in many cases have been completed in other parts, Kong Silver expects ABS plastic products to be packaged on the market.
Due to the high requirements on the shape or dimensional accuracy of the product, coupled with the characteristics of the resin material, the mold processing requires frequent testing of the mold and calibration, so that the opening time is very serious.
4. high precision requirements, high quality requirements, long service life.
At present, the dimensional accuracy requirements of general plastic parts are IT6-7. In general, the rough Ra is 0.2-0.1 micron. The dimensional accuracy of the injection mold parts is required to reach IT5-6. Under normal circumstances, the rough ra is less than 0.1μm. The thickness of the solid surface of the laser disc reaches the mirror processing level of 0.02-0.01 μm, which requires the thickness of the mold profile to be less than 0.01 μm. Long-life injection molds are necessary for high efficiency and cost reduction. At present, the service life of ABS injection molds is generally required to exceed 1 million times. Be careful that the injection mold uses the stiffness of the mold frame, increase the thickness of the template, and increase the support column or the tapered positioning element to prevent the internal pressure from reaching 100 MPa after the mold pressure is deformed. The ejection component is the main indicator that affects the deformation and dimensional accuracy of the product. It is the best ejection point that should be selected to make the average of the demoulding around.
High-precision ABS injection molds are made of solid wood composite flooring or full-stitched structure the night before, which requires high precision machining of mold parts, and communication is the way forward.
5. professional division of labor, dynamic combination.
The mold production batch is small, generally belongs to the production of single piece, but the mold needs a large number of scale parts, the mold frame, small to thimble, these can not be completed only by the manufacturer, and the processing technology is complex, popular equipment and numerical control equipment The utilization rate is extremely uneven.